Christchurch: Before and after

Christchurch: Before and after

Here's a comparison of Christchurch before and after - but a warning: these pictures are going to confuse you. A lot.

Sure, you’ve heard that the city looks different to what it used to look like, but it’s hard to imagine how different until you compare the pictures side by side.

Story has compared aerial shots of Christchurch from 2011 - just after the earthquake hit - and today.  They may not look anything alike, but the shots more or less correspond to each other.

One of the interesting things to note about these pictures is how little has been rebuilt in the city - people who aren’t from Christchurch will be particularly surprised that the central city still looks very much barren.

It also raises other questions: how is the city still largely a vacant lot five years on after the earthquake? Is that normal for international cities affected by earthquakes?

Watch the video for the full Story report.