Soldier dismissed for taking, supplying drugs

Soldier dismissed for taking, supplying drugs

The Kiwi soldier who admitted taking and supplying a synthetic drug will be dismissed from the Defence Force, but only after he spends 90 days in detention.

Private Luke Brame, 22, had admitted to three offences including supplying fellow soldiers with the synthetic hallucinogen N-bomb.

He will serve his detention at the correctional facility in Burnham and will be dismissed afterward.

A summary of facts described the night in October last year when Pvt Brame suggested they buy several caps of what he believed was synthetic MDMA from a contact of his.

The group had to be physically restrained to stop them harming themselves and others, a court martial has heard.

He bought the drugs outside a nightclub in Palmerston North, using money the other soldiers gave him.

Soon after consuming the drug the men began displaying "erratic behaviour" and were arrested by police.

Assisting Captain Tom Wu says the men were hallucinating, and they were all violent except for the accused.

Pvt Brame was unaware of his surroundings and wouldn't respond to instructions.

Some of the other men had to be physically restrained to stop them harming themselves, and others.

Five of the soldiers involved have since been dismissed from the New Zealand Defence Force, and two others are due to appear at a court martial.


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