Fight for euthanasia right continues

  • 18/01/2016
Lecretia Seales (Supplied)
Lecretia Seales (Supplied)

The husband of the late Lecretia Seales says he's advocating for assisted dying because his wife worked so hard on the issue.

Wellington lawyer Ms Seales passed away last year after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Towards the end of her life she fought for the right to die by assisted suicide, but the High Court eventually refused her request.

Now, her husband Matt Vickers and other supporters of the cause have asked for their voice to be heard during a Parliamentary select committee.

Mr Vickers says he will do everything he can for doctor-assisted dying to become legalised.

"This is really about me tying to following through with what she wanted. She worked really, really hard to try and get politicians to address this issue and now they're actually starting to talk about it and starting look at it," he says.

Submissions to the Health Select Committee close in two weeks.

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