Front brings flooding to West Coast

Front brings flooding to West Coast

Severe weather has hit New Zealand caused significant flooding on the West Coast this afternoon.

A front moving over the Tasman Sea is to blame for the heavy rain and thunderstorms parts of the country will experience.

Boats had to surf in to get past the bar in Greymouth. 

MetService reported in the past 18 hours, Hokitika recorded more than 200mm of rain which is not expected to ease anytime soon.

Serious flooding also affected residents in June last year.

Westland District Council says surface flooding has increased throughout the day.

Council assets manager Vivek Goel says pumps were working but the pipes were not able to cope with exceptional rains.

"We have recently developed a stormwater catchment management plan which was presented to council in November," she says.

"Council has decided to include that in the annual plan and the public will have an opportunity to comment on it. It will come at a considerable cost of between $3million and $3.5m to deal with the situation."

Council staff spent today door-knocking to ensure residents were safe.