Lincoln University strikes controversy over vice-chancellor

Lincoln University strikes controversy over vice-chancellor

The council responsible for hiring the new vice-chancellor of Lincoln University has admitted it made a mistake during the selection process.

Before he got the job, the candidate was allowed to interview staff without telling them who he was.

UK Professor Robin Pollard was introduced to staff as an "academic researcher".

He was the frontrunner for the university's top job and wanted more information before taking on the role. 

Union spokeswoman Sandra Gray says staff were open and honest with him about the post-quake campus.

"People were very candid about all of the issues that they've had about Lincoln over the past few years.

"It's been quite a troublesome place to work and there's been lots of behind-the-scenes dealings that staff have been unhappy about, and they revealed all of that."

Since the sudden resignation of the former vice-chancellor last year, there's been a growing divide between the senior management team and staff. 

Graham Harrison was one of the 12 council members who knew what happened and voted unanimously to appoint Mr Pollard as vice-chancellor.

"He was by far the best researched person of each of the candidates -- a very thorough person. This actually highlights how he wanted to find out as much information as possible."

But staff are distraught he wasn't upfront.

Now they know he is, he's starting the year knowing exactly what they think.