Man 'missing' in Waikato River in Taupo


A search will continue today for a man believed to be missing in the Waikato River in Taupo.

At around 9pm last night police were informed the man, who had been in the natural hot pools at Spa Park, had swum into the river, but didn't return.

Efforts from police and other organisations to find him last night were unsuccessful.

The national dive squad will assist with today's search.

The man's identity is not yet known by police.

"Police have received credible information from other swimmers at the hot pool who witnessed his disappearance about 200 metres downstream," Senior Constable Barry Shepherd says.

"However if this person has swum successfully from Spa Park to Reids Farm, police are pleading for him to call."

Spa Park is a popular attraction in Taupo, where the Otumuheke Stream flows meets there Waikato River.

Police say there were about 20 people there when the man went missing.

If anyone has information regarding the man's disappearance, they are urged to call 111 and ask for police.