Ngāpuhi to decide on Govt ban from Waitangi

Kingi Taurua (File)
Kingi Taurua (File)

Divided Ngāpuhi leaders will gather next week to decide if the Government will be blocked from going on to Te Tii Marae on Waitangi Day.

Last week, iwi kaumatua Kingi Taurua threatened to block the Government from Waitangi's only marae if it signed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

But Mr Taurua says not everyone agrees with his stance.

"The idea is we need to talk to the tribe, bring the tribe together, and see if we can come to some common agreement," he says. "There are some who think the Prime Minister should come on and there are some who say no. The whole idea of the hui is I want to get a consensus."

Mr Taurua says he won't be changing his mind, despite opposition from some iwi leaders.

"I will be there and I will be on the other side if they want the Prime Minister to come on," he says. "There's a possibility that I will be with the protest group who will try and stop them from coming on. I am not going to change my stance.

"What do they want to talk to the Prime Minister for? And that's the message I'm trying to get across to the rest of the tribe, because the horse has already bolted and I don't see any reason why we should talk, there's nothing to talk about."

Next Tuesday's hui will be followed by a meeting of all iwi to discuss the TPP at Te Tii Marae on February 4.