Noodles cause oodles of chaos in Christchurch

One of the noodle selections from the market (Newshub)
One of the noodle selections from the market (Newshub)

The Night Noodle Market in Hagley Park opened last night and proved very popular, almost too popular for some market-goers.

Twenty-thousand noodle enthusiasts queued for more than an hour to get their hands on some tasty authentic Asian treats.

Just 3000 were estimated for the first night, meaning vendors sold out quickly.

By 6:30pm, 6500 people were already through the gates.

People were waiting for over an hour to get a taste (Newshub)

One woman and her family had escaped the market as the lines were too big, instead stopping in for a pie at the petrol station on the way home.

"Last night's 'noodles' was pretty phenomenal," Fairfax Media NZ Events Manager Brett McMeekin says.

He says the huge number of people meant some teething issues for the market.

"We're not happy that there was long wait lines and we're working on some solutions for that, we want people to be happy," he says.

"If I can say anything though, it's fresh food, it's being cooked while you wait. It's not processed so it will take time."

Brett McMeekin (Newshub)

Around 40,000 are expected over the five days the market is on, with the venue able to hold 13,000.

From today, parking will be made available onsite via Harper Ave for $5, which will be donated to a local charity and the Botanic Gardens.

Punters were divided in their opinion, some saying the food was worth the wait and others calling it unorganised.

One market-goer says it was under-prepared in terms of parking, the size of the venue and the number of people that would attend.

She says you couldn't see what food was on offer at each stall as there were so many people standing in line waiting. Eventually she says they ended up leaving as the wait times meant you were starving.

Round two of the Night Noodle Market begins tonight from 5pm-10pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm-10pm.

Mr McMeekin says he hopes Christchurch will continue to support something that is new to the city and New Zealand by not writing off the market just yet.

One of the meals on offer (Newshub)