Paedophile to be supervised for 10 years

  • 09/02/2016
Paedophile to be supervised for 10 years

A paedophile who is set to be released from jail will be subject to an extended supervision order after a judge found he had a high risk of reoffending.

Karl Roper was sentenced to four years jail in 2012 for indecently assaulting and performing an indecent act on three young boys, while he has also previously been jailed for sexual offences against children.

He has been convicted of seven sexual offences against seven young boys over a five-year-period and was due to be freed from prison with no release conditions on May 27.

But Justice Gerald Nation ordered an extended supervision order for Roper, which he consented to.

"I am satisfied Mr Roper has, or has had, a pervasive pattern of serious sexual offending and there is a high risk that he will in future commit a relevant sexual offence," he said in his judgment on February 5.

"His earlier offending suggests that those at risk may include young people in the community who he may happen to come upon by chance and find attractive as well as those who he may have contact with through normal social contact."

"An extended supervision order is necessary to ensure that, on his release, conditions and supervision can be put in place to remove the risk of reoffending."

While Roper was commended for making significant strides in his rehabilitation, Justice Nation said the risk he poses to the community is likely to remain high over the long term.

He has been given two strike warnings with any further offending likely to result in a lifelong sentence of preventive detention.