Quake-damaged Christchurch gallery reopens

Quake-damaged Christchurch gallery reopens

After a five-year absence, Christchurch Centre of Contemporary Arts has reopened.

It took three years to repair the quake-damaged building.

Opening day attracted people of all ages.

First opened in 1968, today visitors were welcomed back after it has undergone $4 million of earthquake repairs.

"People are so fond of this gallery," says curator Paula Orell. "It's amazing the amount of people that have said to me, 'We can't wait until you open again.'"

Artists from all over New Zealand are helping put together its debut exhibit, Precarious Balance. 

Talent in both art and physics helps a rugby sculpture stay together.

One of its most famous pieces, a video self-portrait of an Australian artist, was auctioned off for $84,000 in 2007.

But the largest sculpture is made from just Cello tape, paint and cardboard, blanketing the back corner of the exhibit's space.

The exhibition is open until May.