Reports of second abduction attempt incorrect -- police

  • 16/02/2016
Reports of second abduction attempt incorrect -- police

There's nothing behind reports there was a second attempt at abducting young children in Palmerston North this week, police say.

According to the Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School's newsletter, a man tried to coach a schoolboy into a car yesterday, prompting the boy to run away and yell for help.

The newsletter, published today, says the boy was on his way home from school.

But police are reassuring the public after looking into the matter.

They say with the information currently available to them, there's nothing to suggest there was anything sinister behind the incident.

Police also say it's unlikely the event is linked to the incident last week, when a five-year-old girl was snatched on her way to school in Palmerston North before being found on the other side of town a few hours later.

While police say this incident wasn't an attempted abduction, they have praised the boy for calling for help when he felt uncomfortable.

Principal David Jopson says while abduction attempts are rare, it's a good reminder of how students need to keep themselves safe.

"This boy did everything right, told his mum and the police were quickly on the scene."

The person responsible for the initial abduction on Friday has still not been caught.

Newshub. / NZN