Streaker lays complaint over Eden Park security


One of the two men detained by security at Eden Park after streaking in the final minutes of the Blues v Highlanders match on Friday night has laid a complaint against a guard.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he was taken off the field by security guards and as soon as he was out of the public view, one of the guards punched him.

The streakers did not appear to resist being removed from the field.

Streaker lays complaint over Eden Park security

A police complaint has been filed against one of the guards, as the streaker required stitches after the incident.

He said there were three guards, but only one of them hit him -- multiple times.

Eden Park Trust chief executive said they would be looking into the incident, after only being made aware of it today.

"We don't condone streakers but we certainly don't condone that sort of behaviour either," they said.

"We've taken this up with Platform 4 Group (the security company) and they will be proceeding with the matter with the staff involved."

This isn't the first time actions by Eden Park security have been dubbed "unnecessary".

During a cricket match in January, one Sri Lankan cricket supporter said says fans were "treated like animals" by security, who confiscated musical instruments and booted out spectators at the New Zealand v Sri Lanka Twenty20 match.