Teen killer paroled after 17 years in prison

Teen killer paroled after 17 years in prison

A teen killer has been granted early release after serving 17 years behind bars for the murder of an Auckland man.

Natalie Fenton was just a 15-year-old when she murdered Papatoetoe man Ray Mullins in 1999. She's been serving a life sentence but has now been paroled.

Mr Mullins was introduced to the Fenton sisters after he befriended their mother, but Natalie who was a prostitute ended up having sex with him.

On the day of the murder, Natalie, her 19-year-old sister Katrina and their 17-year-old friend were looking to borrow money to travel to a 21st birthday, but when they were refused the request Mr Mullins was stabbed almost 20 times with Natalie described as the ring leader.

The Board says the 32-year-old could now be released because she's completed significant therapy and is a low risk to the community.

She will be freed in April under 10 strict conditions.