TV3 building vandalised

  • 02/12/2015
The graffiti on MediaWorks's building
The graffiti on MediaWorks's building

A man has been arrested following a graffiti attack targeting broadcaster Paul Henry, carried out this evening at the MediaWorks television headquarters in Auckland.

The attack was carried out in full view of staff, who said the man was mostly calm but asked repeatedly why they “were trying to protect” the broadcaster. 

At one point the man allegedly threatened a staff member with an over-sized flag bearing the phrase “Anti-fascist action”.

He was followed just a few hundred metres down the road, where he entered an apartment and was arrested by police. An officer outside, who asked not to be named, said the man was in custody and was likely to be charged with wilful damage. 

Among several messages painted on the Flower Street building were the words “F*** Paul Henry” and “F*** PH”.

Earlier today a man was found guilty of lunging and spitting at Henry at a protest outside SkyCity in May. 

Diego Leonardo Chavez was ordered to undergo a restorative justice session with Henry, who said he was “not even remotely interested.”

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