Video: Daring man jumps 20m from bridge into water

Video: Daring man jumps 20m from bridge into water

Most Kiwis will at some point experience jumping from rock, wharf or bridge into some form of water.

It is a Kiwi pastime, especially over the summer break -- but most people have a limit.

Matt Harvey and his friends were filming their summer video around the country when they discovered one of the few who don't treat fear as a barrier.

In a video posted to social media, which has now gathered around 20,000 views in less than 24 hours, a daring man known as Kale Joseph can be seen climbing his way up a tight metal rope before plunging into the water at McLaren Falls.

All filmed on a GoPro camera attached to Mr Joseph's chest, Mr Harvey says he looked at the footage while editing and worked out that because of the fall time, it is likely his friend plunged around 22 metres.

"Basically where he is jumping from, you have to clear so many rocks just to get into the water. It is really, really insane," he says.

They had only just met a couple of days before, Mr Harvey says, and he had seen Mr Joseph doing other jumps similar to the one they eventually recorded.

The pair started chatting on social media and before they knew it, they were good mates.

However, neither one of them realised they were going to create the viral video they did.

Watch the video to see the amazing jump.