Woman guilty of animal abuse to keep pets

  • 05/02/2016

A woman found guilty of starving a horse to death has been banned from acquiring new animals but will be allowed to keep many still in her care.

Ann Power has been prosecuted five times for animal neglect and in the past 13 years, the SPCA has received 70 complaints about her.

In the latest case, an SPCA inspector visited Power's 11-acre property in Riverhead in September 2013, where her 32-year-old gelding named Pip was found starved to death.

A post mortem showed the horse had died a slow, painful death from starvation.

In June last year, Power was found guilty in Auckland District Court of mistreatment, but she appealed and kept possession of her animals until sentencing on Thursday.

The SPCA will seize a number of Power's animals, but she is allowed to keep up to four horses, 11 cattle, 18 sheep, four llamas, four dogs, 40 birds, and four cats on compassionate grounds.

SPCA Auckland chief executive Andrea Midgen says the organisation has concerns for the animals that remain in Power's care.

"While Ms Power clearly loves her animals, we believe she is unaware of how to appropriately provide the necessary care, love and attention for the large number of animals in her care," she said.

"She continues to hoard and mistreat animals, evading the law even after receiving repeated convictions banning her from owning them."

Ms Midgen said the SPCA was doing all it could within the law to protect the animals in her care.

She had no doubt Power would appeal her latest conviction.

Power has been banned from acquiring any other animals for eight years, and ordered to pay reparations of almost $5000.