Auckland police crackdown on robberies

  • 29/03/2016

Auckland police have begun a widespread crackdown on burglary today, which they say is aimed at bringing burglars to justice and getting better resolutions for victims.

Operation Resolve will use a number of tactics to catch burglars, avidly targeting those known to have previously stolen or received stolen goods.

The team of 20 police working out of Mt Wellington Police Centre will be led by Detective Senior Sergeant Iain Chapman. He says the Auckland City District police has seen a decrease in burglaries over the past 12 months but the amount of crimes that have been solved remain relatively low.

"We have also seen a spike in burglaries since the beginning of the year, which means that burglars are becoming more confident and active in our city so we must stop them," says Det Snr Sgt Chapman.

"Breaking into people's homes and stealing their personal items is one of the most devastating invasions of privacy. It leaves people feeling vulnerable in their own homes and we have a responsibility to do all we can to manage such crimes as effectively and efficiently as possible."