Bearded man still missing in Auckland

  • 21/03/2016

Auckland police are still looking for missing man 43-year-old Wilhelmus Bill Staijen, known as Bill, who has now been missing for over a week.

Mr Staijen has epilepsy and it has now been eight days since he's had his medication. He has no access to money and no phone.

He was last seen on Metcalfe Rd in Ranai on Sunday March 13. He was wearing blue jeans, a cap, a black jacket and running shoes.

He has a Dutch accent, a full beard, is 180 centimetres tall and has a medium build.

Police believe he may be sleeping outdoors somewhere in central Auckland. Enquires to find the man have so far been unsuccessful.

Bearded man still missing in Auckland


Police ask anyone who sees a man fitting Mr Staijen's description to contact the Waitakere Police on 09 839 0600.