Ben: Transgender at 10 years old

Ben: Transgender at 10 years old

Ben Brockwell-Jones is a remarkable young boy.

Why? Well, Ben was born a girl.

He was born Anoushka-Mei Lewisa Jones and it only took him a few years to realise what was wrong and to recognise that inside, he was male.

He started wearing boys' clothes when he was three.

He is transgender, which simply means he identifies as a male even though he was born female.

It is important to stress that gender identity is separate from a person's sexual orientation -- that usually develops in the second decade of life.

There are many Kiwis like Ben out there. A 2012 survey of 8500 students revealed four of every 100 young people said they were either transgender or unsure of their gender.

Ben is now 10, and with the full support of his family, he is about to face the next step in becoming the gender he wants to be.

Story went to meet Ben to speak to him about his journey so far.

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