Better cycleways pushing Aucklanders to bike

Better cycleways pushing Aucklanders to bike

The push to get more Aucklanders out of cars and on their bikes is apparently working, with record numbers now riding to work.

Hundreds of millions of dollars is being spent on the city's cycleways and cycling to work has never been easier, with more dedicated cycle lanes than ever before.

Today marked 100,000 cyclists over the newest of them -- Lightpath.

It cost $18 million and opened just over three months ago.

"It's an incredible feat," says Kathryn King from Auckland Transport.

"It shows how very popular it is with Aucklanders and how much Aucklanders have come to embrace the Lightpath."

And it's just the beginning -- $200 million is being spent on cycle infrastructure over the next three years.

Lightpath has already been completed, along with the Northwestern cycleway.

Two other proposed routes will also help commuters get into and out of the CBD.

The Skypath over the Harbour Bridge has been approved but has been appealed by local residents' associations. A final decision is expected in the next few months. 

Public submissions are now open on the newly proposed Seapath, which would extend the cycleway three kilometres north towards Takapuna.

"Over half of all Aucklanders have said they would cycle if there was safe infrastructure, so this is kind of giving them the supply to meet the demand," says Emma McInnes from Generation Zero.

That's been the key to success so far -- safety. Keeping cars and bikes completely separated.

"More people will cycle if they feel safe. A painted line just won't do for a lot of people," Ms McInnes says.

Congestion is just going to get worse -- there are 43,000 more cars in Auckland now than this time last year.

That trend is expected to continue, slowing traffic even further.

There's never been a better time, or more reasons to get on your bike.