Brothel opens its door for charity

  • 12/03/2016
Brothel opens its door for charity

By Juliet Speedy

A Taranaki charity that helps feed children has just had an income boost thanks to an unlikely source.

A local brothel opened its doors to the public for the day with all donations going to help feed hungry kids.

In the small town of Hawera, an open day at a brothel on a sunny Saturday attracts quite the unlikely crowd.

Complete with high tea and speeches, the brothel owner educated locals on the brothel and the sex industry before a grand tour was conducted.

So why were these unlikely visitors taking part in the tour? Because it raised funds for a good cause.

The brothel is now a sponsor for local charity Kai Children, who feed needy kids school lunches.

"I think it's fantastic, there's obviously a lot of interest, we are grateful for all the donations coming in," says Aileen Tippet from The Kai Kitchen.

The brothel's owners were thrilled with today's response.

"I was hoping that we were going to have a lot of open minded people through the door and that's exactly what we got today so I'm really chuffed with that," says Brothel owner Nicky Hughes.

Now the town's had a look, it's 'Shhh' no more in Hawera.