'Dilworth Brotherhood a sham' -- former student


A member of the Dilworth Old Boys' Association says the decision not to reinstate his brother as patron is a "disgrace" and shows the "Dilworth brotherhood is a sham".

Warren Wilton issued an update to media following the Old Boys' Association Annual General Meeting yesterday.

The meeting was to address recent controversy about four members who expressed concern over what they say is an "ethnic imbalance of the school - where Pacifica and Maori boys now vastly outnumber those of other races".

Those four members were suspended from the association for breaking its own rules about 'ungentlemanly conduct' and speaking out about issues which may be "prejudicial to the interests of the Association."

The suspensions were lifted after the four had threatened legal action if they were not reinstated.

However, the council voted not to reinstate Dr Murray Wilton as patron after a member voiced their dissatisfaction in his involvement in the racial mix controversy.

The role of patron will be left vacant for the next year.

Warren Wilton said in a statement, "There is now the very real prospect of a rival old boys' association being established to ensure that the Dilworth Trust Board lives up to its promise to widen the school's potential catchment of disadvantaged boys - regardless of race."

Earlier this week, Dilworth Trust Board Chairman, Jon Wain, told Newshub he was "appalled" by the comments from the four old boys'. "It's been very damaging for the Dilworth community so we are deeply disappointed."

The private boys school was set up in 1910 with a selection process dictated by founder James Dilworth that students be selected for scholarships based on 'need' and regardless of race.

According to the school's figures, the current makeup is 38 percent Pacific Island students, 27.5 percent European, 24 percent Maori and 7.5 percent Asian.