Hook, lies and sinker: A fisherman's tale

Hook, lies and sinker: A fisherman's tale

Anyone who has ever gone fishing has a story about the one that got away.

For four Hawke's Bay fishermen, it wasn't the fish that got away but the prize in the local fishing competition -- a ute worth nearly $50,000.

Youngest crew member Dean Young was in charge of pulling in the whopping 136kg marlin. They sat back, celebrated and waited for the prize.

But they're still waiting.

Six weeks later they received a phone call from Mega Fish event promoter David Baty who said they had to undergo a polygraph test that would be the last hurdle to go through.

It was a clause which said the winner might have to take a lie detector test.

Bad news followed after a failed polygraph test so Mr Baty isn't handing over the prize.

But are lie detectors reliable and why won't the event promoter take the fishermen at their word? 

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