Is it time NZ became a republic?

Is it time NZ became a republic?

Much of the argument during the never-ending flag debate was that New Zealand is a young, vibrant and independent country.

If that's the case, you could also argue it's time to become a republic.

Fifteen countries still have the Queen as Head of State, and even within the Commonwealth, that's a minority.

For Lewis Holden, it's not about independence but about New Zealand standing on its own two feet. It's about what it says to the rest of the world and our inability to produce someone to be our Head of State.

Constitutional law expert Andrew Geddis believes it would be a proven leader and someone who has wide respect in the community, the sort of person we already have as Governor-General.

So is it time for us to ditch the monarchy and become a republic? Even our Prime Minister says it is inevitable, so why are we not discussing it?

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