Last chance for homeless dogs

One of the dogs up for adoption at Botany Town Centre today (Carol Howell)
One of the dogs up for adoption at Botany Town Centre today (Carol Howell)

More than 20 dogs and puppies have been charming the crowds at Auckland's Botany Town Centre today, begging for a chance at a new life.

Waikato-based organisation DC Rescue Dogs has partnered with the shopping centre for their inaugural adoption day -- and it's been a big success.

"There's been a huge amount of interest, we're confident we'll have a 100 percent success rate in getting them adopted out," says Desiree Clark, Botany Town Centre's senior marketing manager. "There's a real community of dog lovers here."

The dogs range in age from eight weeks to three years, and have all been temperament tested to ensure they're ready to be rehomed.

Last chance for homeless dogs

Two of the DC Rescue Dogs puppies available for adoption today (Kelly Wolfe)

The not-for-profit organisation saves most of their dogs from the pound.

"Most of them are rescued the day before they're put to sleep, so we are their last chance," says DC Rescue Dogs' Kelly Wolfe.

"There's such a need to find families to adopt these dogs that we thought here at Botany Town Centre it would be a great opportunity to get people to meet these dogs in a less intimidating environment than their local pound," says Ms Clark.

DC Rescue Dogs takes in around 200 dogs each year, and doesn't put any of them down.

"They all find homes eventually," says Ms Wolfe.

The longest they've had a dog is eight months, but most find their forever homes in around a month.

Last chance for homeless dogs

DC Rescue Dogs puppies on their way to meet the crowds at Botany Town Centre (Kelly Wolfe)

They're on track for a bumper adoption day today. Several hundred people interacted with the dogs this morning, and many of them expressed interest in adopting one.

"I've overheard quite a few of our female customers saying their husbands said they could come down, but they could only stay for ten minutes," jokes Ms Clark.

But it's not quite as easy as taking a puppy home with your groceries -- prospective owners will undergo background checks to make sure they're ready for dog ownership. Gardens need to be fully fenced, and people need to have time to dedicate to their new pet.

"It's a lifelong commitment," says Ms Wolfe. "Think before you adopt."

Last chance for homeless dogs

Looking for a new owner - one of the dogs ready for adoption at Botany Town Centre (Kelly Wolfe)

As for the logistics of hosting nearly two dozen dogs and puppies in a busy shopping centre?

"I thought it would be a bit noisier, but they've been so busy meeting people that they've been absolutely fine," says Ms Clark. "I think there will be some sleepy puppies tonight!"

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