Lost in the bush: would you know what to do?

Lost in the bush: would you know what to do?

It is incredibly easy to get lost in the bush and what happens when you do?

Would you tell anyone if you were going for an hour's walk? Do you take the right gear wherever you go? Do you know how to make an emergency shelter?

A wrong turn or lapse in concentration during what may seem like a straightforward and simple track can easily change.

Despite seeming prepared should things go wrong, I was surprised at just how unprepared I was and how quickly I got into trouble.

With no gear, no clue and no hope of getting out – how can you prevent getting lost in the bush and what should you do when it happens?

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Correction: This article refers to 135 fatalities from scenarios requiring search and rescue last year. This figure includes all police, aviation and marine searches fatalities resulting solely from becoming lost in the wilderness are closer to a dozen each year.