Man jailed for savage attack on teen daughter

  • 17/03/2016

By Paul Purcell

A man who attacked his daughter with a spiked plank of wood when he discovered she was dating her uncle has gone to jail after his home detention sentence was overruled.

Morris Junior Poarau was initially sentenced in Rotorua to nine months' home detention after he pleaded guilty to a vicious attack on his 18-year-old daughter in April last year.

The Crown appealed the sentence, saying it was manifestly inadequate.

Poarau confronted his daughter about the relationship with his little brother on the back step of their house where he grabbed her by the hair and slapped her face several times.

He then hit her in the head with a plank of wood, which had nails protruding from both ends, three times before it broke but he continued to belt her with it until she was bleeding from a large gash.

Following the attack, Poarau hosed the teenage girl down to wash away the blood and told her that she was lucky he didn't get a knife and stab her.

The 18-year-old was hospitalised with wounds to her head and face but she said she didn't suffer any permanent injuries and was back to normal within a week or two.

Justice Timothy Brewer has now agreed with the Crown's appeal saying that the attack on the teenager was unacceptable, with Poarau's violent past indicating a man with anger management issues.

"I have no doubt that the relationship between the victim and her uncle may have been seen as culturally offensive," he said in the High Court at Rotorua.

"However, even if the victim entered into a culturally inappropriate relationship, there is no suggestion that Mr Poarau's extremely violent response was in any way a culturally appropriate or acceptable response."

Justice Brewer substituted a sentence of three years' imprisonment for the quashed sentence of home detention.