Meth cook gets eight years

  • 23/03/2016

By Paul Purcell

A methamphetamine addict working with the Head Hunters to manufacture and deliver huge quantities of the drug for the gang has been sentenced to eight and half years imprisonment.

Sharn Keogh, 27, was a part of a large, and highly sophisticated drug manufacturing and distribution ring for the Head Hunters Motorcycle Gang when he was arrested by police as part of Taskforce Easter in 2014.

He had taken part in two large cooks at a Northland house in September and October that year, but also acted as a taxi service for the gang to distribute methamphetamine and courier ingredients.

During sentencing at the High Court at Whangarei on Wednesday, Justice Simon Moore says the enterprise was extremely sophisticated with enormous amounts of methamphetamine produced at the rural house.

But he also noted Keogh wasn't offending for commercial gain but due to his dependency to the drug.

"You have been hopelessly addicted to this dreadful drug and I have no doubt it played a significant role in your offending," justice Moore said.

It is estimated that Keogh spent between $400 to $1600 a day on methamphetamine to fuel his addiction.

"But on the other hand you were a willing participant in a large, gang-run, highly sophisticated, drug manufacturing and distribution ring."

"There was nothing impromptu or spur of the moment about this. This was not some group of misguided friends or associates getting together to make some P. The planning was precise and well co-ordinated."

Justice Moore noted Keogh was the first to take responsibility for his offending after he was arrested as part of the large police operation and is in dire need of drug counselling and rehabilitation.