New call for NZ church abuse inquiry

New call for NZ church abuse inquiry

Survivors and supporters of church sex abuse victims are renewing calls for a Royal Commission into sex abuse throughout New Zealand.

They say Australia is facing up to its past by having an inquiry, and New Zealand should too.

John* still has the scars on his hands where he was hit with a cane by Catholic school teachers.

Now in his early fifties, he also suffers from PTSD and anxiety as he was the victim of sex abuse for six years at Christchurch's Maryland's school from the age of six.

John, other survivors and their supporters, are now calling for a Royal Commission into New Zealand's Catholic Church sex abuse.

Ken Clearwater, from Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, says he's been fighting for an independent inquiry since the Boston Globe uncovered huge abuse within the Catholic Church around the world, as seen in Oscar award-winning film Spotlight.

In Australia, a child abuse Royal Commission is looking into what institutions and governments should do to better protect children against child sexual abuse.

Bill Kilgallon, who handles the Catholic Church's sex abuse claims, says if we do have one it should be similar to the one currently being held in Australia.

Mr Kilgallon says the decision for a Royal Commission lies with the Government, but they would support and cooperate with an inquiry.

However, Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says New Zealand has a different process in dealing with church sex abuse victims than Australia, such as with the Confidential Listening Service.

*name has been changed.