Northland farmer walks away from dairy dream

Northland farmer walks away from dairy dream

It's fair to say dairy farmers have been doing it really tough over the last few seasons.

As the milk price plummets, thousands of farmers are being stretched to breaking point. Some have even taken their own lives.

But tonight we meet one 4th generation farmer who is giving up his dairy dream and is walking away from it all.

Ben Smith's farm has been flooded several times in the last few years and the business is taking a toll on him and his family.

His family have called the farm home since 1823 – almost 200 years and many happy memories but it's been too hard.

"I'm sick of being angry. I'm sick of shedding tears. I'm sick of not sleeping. I am sick of the pain it creates for all those around you that want to support you and that's the hardest thing," says Mr Smith.

Story went to speak to Mr Smith who is selling his land, cattle and giving up the struggle.

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