Opinion: Pull your heads in, trolls


Would you walk up to someone on the street and say you'd shoot them in the face with a shotgun? What about daring others to do the same?

No? Then why do it on the internet?

Paula Bennett is the latest in a string to be targeted with disgusting hate online.

Firstly there's comments calling her a pig. Not only is that hugely unkind, it's childish.

When I disagree with someone I usually try and have a rational debate with them.

But these people think it's okay to go on the attack, not only name calling but calling for someone to be murdered.

Maybe I'm being naive thinking these are rational minded people. Maybe they're irrational.

But I bet they have somewhat normal lives. I bet they have families.

How would they feel if the following was directed at their mum? Their sister? Their child?

Opinion: Pull your heads in, trolls

Well it was directed at Paula Bennett.

And so was this.

Opinion: Pull your heads in, trolls

Two different people, vowing that they'd shoot her or urging someone else to do it. Not only is it deplorable, it's illegal.

Now there are refreshed calls for our politicians to be flanked by security everywhere they go.

Is that what we've come to New Zealand? Or can we agree now that the trolling has got out of hand, and collectively grow up.

Usually I laugh at keyboard warriors. Imagine them sitting in dark rooms, crafting poorly spelt tweets or Facebook posts and feeling like superheroes once they hit the post button.

But this isn't funny.

You're calling for someone's death. That's disgusting.

Pull your heads in.