Opinion: When 100pct Pure actually means 90pct


By Lloyd Burr

Tourism New Zealand's '100 Percent Pure' slogan and branding has long been debated and politicians have denied it's misleading.

Even Prime Minister John Key has been grilled about it on British TV, when he stood by the message it sent to the world.

The debate reared its head again yesterday when the water quality standards petition was delivered to Parliament -- where one comment caught my attention.

It came from the mouth of Environment Minister Nick Smith, who claimed New Zealand's freshwater bodies had an overall purity level of 90 percent.

What's more, he then went on to defend the '100 Percent Pure' campaign because it provided jobs, and because 100 percent of tourists he'd talked to had positive things to say about New Zealand.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I was. It's the first time the sham of the '100 Percent Pure' campaign sunk in.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.