Police hold second social experiment

  • 30/03/2016
Police hold second social experiment

New Zealand police have released a second social experiment video after their first went viral, in a campaign series aimed at recruitment.

In the second video a man is lying down on the pavement with people walking past him. Police say it is designed to challenge perceptions.

One-hundred people were filmed walking past an actor in the street as the camera rolled for around 25 minutes. Only seven groups stopped to ask the man if he was okay -- 21 people in total.

It received vocal reactions once it was posted on Facebook. People questioned why it isn't the public's natural instinct to help someone in need.

"What the hell has happened to the human race??? If you see someone that needs help you help them. One day it could be you think about that," one lady commented.

Another person agreed, and took the opportunity to ask how many videos the police intend to release.

"This is pre rats. I would've expected more people to do something about it, he could be dying and people just ignore him? sad sad. How many of these are you doing NZ Police Recruitment ?"

To which they replied: "A few more".

The first video featured a young boy filmed eating out of a rubbish bin, with a range of reactions from the public that passed by.

It drew the world's attention to the country, with a variety of international media outlets covering the story including The Guardian in the UK.

Police say they've filmed five social experiments, which will be released over the course of the year.