Riding a backwards bike: Should be easy right?

Riding a backwards bike: Should be easy right?

When Story came across a challenge that seems pretty much impossible for anyone to master, they sent me to get on the case to find out.

The task was to ride a backwards bike.

Engineer Kim Dawick got the idea from a video by US engineer Destin Sandlin who demonstrates people becoming accustomed to doing things a certain way and even minor changes can have major effects.

I realised I had the knowledge to operate the bike but I didn't have the understanding.

The algorithm associated with riding a bike in your brain is complicated.

"Your conscious mind is very flexible so it can do all sorts of things but it takes a lot of effort when you try a new skill," says Professor Will Hayward from Auckland University School of Psychology.

It can be a battle between the conscious and unconscious mind.

So how can one master the backwards bike? And how do kids compare when unlearning an existing skill like riding a bike?

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