Roping people in for a childhood pastime


When was the last time you had a go on a skipping rope?

The Auckland Skipping Club is trying to get adults back into a favourite childhood pastime.

Every now and then the Club, run by Sahar Lone and Marike Numan, hit the city and rope people in for a good jump during their lunch breaks.

"A lot of adults forget how to play later on in life," Ms Numan says.

"I think there's a big revival of the idea of playing every day. We get really warm when nostalgic things happen around us, so I think that's the connection that happens in the public space."

From Monday, they'll be part of an Auckland Council-run art series called POP.

Fifteen free creative projects will take place in public spaces around the city over the next few months for people to engage with.

And it turns out you don't have to try very hard to get busy Aucklanders to skip their usual lunch breaks.

There were friendships gained, calories lost, and a lunch break ended on a high.