Tourists' dream NZ trip turns to campervan nightmare

Tourists' dream NZ trip turns to campervan nightmare

There were ugly scenes in Queenstown this morning when freedom campers took exception to being filmed by a Newshub cameraman.

It's a sensitive issue across the country and last week, Story was contacted by tourists wanting to share another side of the story.

For English travellers Jaime and Fiona, a dream trip to New Zealand quickly turned into a bit of a nightmare.

You couldn't call them freedom campers because they paid good money to hire self-contained vans.

They loved the scenery, the two-legged Kiwis but it's fair to say they are far-from-happy campers.

Three dodgy campervans later including broken air conditioning, beds, and black mould on the ceiling; their trip of a lifetime has left them with mostly bad memories and they are not the only ones.

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