Accused killers did 'exactly what they planned'

Beauen Wallace-Loretz (supplied)
Beauen Wallace-Loretz (supplied)

The Crown has begun summing up its case against Leonard Nattrass-Berquist and Beauen Wallace-Loretz.

The teenage pair have pleaded not guilty to robbing and murdering 54-year-old Ihaia Gillman-Harris, who died on the operating table hours after he was beaten in an Auckland motel room on December 27, 2014.

Crown prosecutor David Johnstone reminded the jury of the Crown's case -- that there was no physical assault initiated by Mr Gillman-Harris.

He told the jury to put aside whether it was moral of Mr Gillman-Harris to enter a motel with two young men.

"This is not a courtroom of morality."

He told the jury he was seeking to persuade them there was no physical assault and no reason to justify the "overwhelming force used by the defendants".

"Mr Gillman-Harris went in [to the motel room] anticipating consensual, albeit paid if necessary, sexual relations," said Mr Johnstone.

"Mr Nattrass-Bergquist and Wallace-Loretz were aware of what Mr Gillman-Harris wanted, and that he had money to pay for it. Those aspects explain why it is that they planned to seriously assault and rob him."

He says the defendants have "done exactly what they planned", and it was not a coincidence Mr Gillman-Harris was beaten and robbed.

The defendants claim Mr Gillman-Harris attacked them after they rejected his sexual advances.

The case continues.