Alleged indecent assault victim touched 'quite a lot'

Alleged indecent assault victim touched 'quite a lot'

A girl who was allegedly indecently assaulted by a prominent New Zealander says sometimes there were other adults around when he touched her.

The man is on trial in the High Court at Whangarei on 12 charges of indecent assault. The allegations relate to two alleged victims, one of them a child.

During a videoed police interview, the girl said she felt "weird and uncomfortable" when the man touched her breasts. 

She said during the course of a massage, he had unclipped her bra and taken the straps down. 

The girl described another occasion when she says the accused pressed his groin against her bum, and she thought he was about to kiss her. 

She said she tensed up and "straight-up said to him, 'What are you doing?'"

The girl said the man told her he was looking at what she was doing. She estimated the incident has lasted 10 seconds. 

The girl said the man had asked to be massaged sometimes, but she had always said no.

Earlier, the court heard how she told him: "I don't want a massage down there."

The girl described his hand moving up her thigh, and said his hand was close to her vagina. She said she felt scared "what else could happen".

The girl said on one occasion, she told the accused she needed to go to the toilet so she could get away from him.

She said she didn't want to make a "drama" because she didn't think another adult would believe her.

The lawyer for the man on trial for indecent assault has accused one of the complainants  of making things up.

Under cross examination, defence lawyer Arthur Fairley pressed the girl about still being friendly toward the accused man a year into the alleged sexual abuse.

Mr Fairley referred to a number of photos showing the girl in close contact with the man she claims indecently assaulted her on several occasions. 

When the girl tried to explain the reasons she was photographed with the man, Mr Fairley said: "You're just making that up now because you know the photo is very difficult for your story."

Mr Fairley said the girl looked very comfortable in the pictures with her alleged sexual abuser.

Earlier the girl said she had complained to an adult more than once that she was being sexually abused.

The trial is set down for two weeks, and the prosecution is expected to call up to a dozen witnesses. Heavy suppression orders prevent the media revealing certain details of the case.