Drunk-driver caught during bail jailed for a year

  • 22/04/2016

A man who was caught driving almost six times over the legal alcohol limit while out on bail has been sentenced to one year in jail.

Forklift driver Raymond George Gilchrist, from Sockburn, drank five jugs of beer before crashing into the back of a stationary truck on Broughham St in Christchurch on Thursday April 14.

The 49-year-old had a breath-alcohol level of 1623mcg after he began drinking at 7am.

He had one of the highest alcohol levels the judge had seen.

"You would’ve been well aware you had absolutely no business getting behind the wheel," Judge Paul Kellar told Gilchrist.

Gilchrist was already on bail for sentencing of similar offending, and did not bother to apply for bail when he appeared in the Christchurch District Court last Friday.

He pleaded guilty to driving while forbidden, careless driving and driving with excess breath-alcohol.

Gilchrist had previously been disqualified from driving for three months in 2014.