Dunedin gamer reaches level 100 on World of Warcraft - with his feet

Dunedin gamer reaches level 100 on World of Warcraft - with his feet

Dylan Beck games almost as much as he works -- up to 35 hours a week -- but he's no couch potato.

The Dunedin gamer has just reached level 100 in World of Warcraft (WoW), one of the most time-consuming feats in online gaming, using only his feet.

Hooking up a couple of old Playstation 2 'dance pads' to his computer, the 25-year-old game developer would literally dance for hours while other players used their keyboards. The spectacle was, of course, livestreamed for audiences all over the world. 

"I guess essentially it works the same way a keyboard would, it's just I use my feet," he says.

"When I first started I didn't really know if I could do it or not, so I just gave it a test run, ran around and killed a few things and then immediately went on Twitter and said I was going to get to 100."

WoW promptly tweeted their 850,000 followers and there was no backing out.

"I was like, oh s***, I'd better do this. It was really shaky in the first three or four days," Mr Beck says.

"When I did dungeons with random people who didn't know what I was doing, it was really hard in the first few days because I was playing like crap, there was a lot of whinging and moaning."

All up he spent 130 hours in game, that's five-and-a-half days over four weeks, playing for three hours every evening and running marathon six to 12 hour stretches every weekend. 

Mr Beck, who plays as 'Rudeism', says it's just a hobby but admits there's some money involved -- enough to pay a few bills.

"Now that I've hit [level 100] I'm going to do some PVP [player-versus player] stuff and see if I can hold my own against other players that are using regular controls."

His next challenge is playing the online game Heroes of the Storm with a Guitar Hero controller, something's he's tried before with other popular games. He also plans to play five different versions of Pokémon on his PC at once, all linked to a single controller.

"It's just for the sake of the challenge really, it's fun."