Dunedin Hospital food an 'issue' – Southern DHB

Jonathan Coleman trying the 'classic Kiwi fare' (Supplied)
Jonathan Coleman trying the 'classic Kiwi fare' (Supplied)

The Southern District Health Board appears to be accepting there's an issue with the food some describe as "slop" at Dunedin Hospital.

Chief executive Carole Heatley says they're very concerned about the feedback from patients and are working with Compass Group to ensure the company receives it as well.

Compass is a new private provider that has taken over the hospital contract. Ms Heatly says Compass has made a number of changes and improvements.

However, she says not all feedback is negative, and the meals she's personally tasted were "acceptable".

Patients have been posting complaints and photos of the food on Facebook.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman had taste tested patient meals at the start of the month calling it “excellent food”.

"There was nothing wrong with the food at all," he said at the time.

Jarrod Olliver was recently in Dunedin Hospital for six days and says he was aware of the changes to outsource the food. He says the meals he received were "shocking".

"Absolutely disgusting," he says.

"It's pureed mash, there's no real sustenance in there, there's no seasoning, there's no fresh vegetables, it's just pretty terrible."