Fine dining down at the RSA?

Fine dining down at the RSA?

An increasing number of New Zealanders are RSA members. Last year, membership jumped to 105,000.

Chef Annabelle White says that's because "It's cool to go to the RSA." But she warns, "you've got to go to the good ones."

Annabelle took Story's Duncan Garner to the East Coast RSA in Browns Bay. She says it's "some of the best dining in town at some of the best prices."

But not all RSAs are created equal. This particular restuarant is home to a fine dining chef.

They serve up your traditional roast beef, ham and vegetables, as well as smoked salmon, fresh salads, prawns and mussels.

The people you'll see at the RSA has changed hugely over time. They say fewer than a third of members have served in the military, and they've become more of a social club.

Duncan's verdict? The food is "marvellous".

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