Foster kids missing out on the basics

Foster kids missing out on the basics

Shaking hands when you meet someone for the first time or looking someone in the eye when you speak to them are manners many of us take for granted.

You may not even be aware you are using them but foster kids are missing out on learning the basic etiquette.

But for a lucky handful, this will not be the case anymore.

Robin Vinod is now a 22-year-old personal trainer.

But rewind just a few years, he was a foster child, a teenager on the dole with no idea what to do.

It was difficult but he got through it and now he is in the position to help other foster kids get ready for the big wide world.

For foster teenagers, the care is about to come to an end and they will be looking after themselves shortly.

But moving from home to home, they can miss out on what the professional world expects; etiquette like how to look good for a job interview or what to say when you shake someone's hand.

Story went to meet the foster kids who are catching up on the basic lessons to prepare them for the future.

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