Kaiapoi's teen parents get the red carpet treatment

Kaiapoi's teen parents get the red carpet treatment

Who doesn't love a good surprise -- especially when the recipients are people whom society is quick to judge; teenage mums and young parents who don't often get rewarded with a day of pampering.

All students at Kaiapoi's teen parent unit thought they were heading to Hanmer Springs for an end-of-term outing; a quick dip in the hot pools.

But little did they know there was much more to come and Story was in on the surprise. They were about to receive the red carpet treatment.

These are all kids who have had kids -- mostly unplanned babies but not unwanted and definitely not unloved. 

"I was drinking every weekend, doing drugs and he pretty much save my life," says Cincy

All these mothers attend Kaiapoi's Karanga Mai, one of 22 teen parent units nationwide and it's steering them in the right direction and giving them hope.

"I want to be an independent woman myself and follow in my own footstep, have my own future and be able to raise a son no matter what," says Soccora.

The Hanmer Pool Company sponsors the teen parent unit and it's a cause close to the heart of the hot springs' marketing manager Shane Adcock.

Mr Adcock became a parent himself at aged 17.

"I'd just like to say I know it can be difficult. I know there are tough times, there are stressful times but there are also magical times," says Mr Adcock in a speech to the teen parents.

The surprises kept coming -- flowers, gifts, manicures and pedicures. Story spent the day with the parents whose memories from today won't be fading anytime soon.