Worms found in Pams gherkin jar

Worms in the gherkin Mr Biss bit into (Jordan Biss)
Worms in the gherkin Mr Biss bit into (Jordan Biss)

A gherkin with a side of worms, anyone?

An Auckland man had a wriggly surprise after biting into a gherkin and finding worms.

The Pams jar, not due to expire until 2018, was bought at an Auckland New World by Jordan Biss.

"The worst part is I actually put one half in my mouth and chewed, then looked at the other half and spat it straight out," he says.

"I [felt] fine, it's just not what I wanted to see."

The worms weren't alive, Mr Biss says, and he originally thought it was maggots. However, supplier testing showed it was worms. 

The worms (Jordan Biss)

He has complained to Pams, who offered him a $10 voucher.

"I said you can give me whatever, I'm more worried about there being maggots in my food," he says.

He was then offered a $20 voucher.

After sending Pams photos, Mr Biss says the company told him they're contacting the supplier and will "go from there".

A Foodstuffs spokesperson has said testing has now been completed by the supplier, which shows it was a isolated occurrence and confirmed it was worms. The supplier has increased visual checks of the vegetables and given staff additional training as a response.  

Foodstuffs says they would like to "unreservedly apologise" to Mr Biss.