Man attacked by water buffalo

  • 11/04/2016
(Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust)
(Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust)

A man in his 40s has been gored by a water buffalo at a farm north of Auckland.

The man was attacked this morning at Dairy Flat and suffered serious injuries to his leg while working.

A group of water buffalo were penned nearby when paramedics initially treated the man at the scene.

St John treated the man first before a Auckland Rescue Helicopter doctor and paramedic took over treatment.

He has been transported to Auckland City Hospital in a serious condition.

His partner, Annie Wills, says he's worked with the animals for years but was caught out during a moment of inattention.

“Working with any large animal you don’t want to rush it. I think he was in a bit of a hurry, it just swung its head, it didn’t attack him or anything.”

Ms Wills says her partner is undergoing surgery this afternoon, having suffered a puncture wound to the thigh.

She says her husband milks a mob of 40 every night, and they’re “delightful” usually.

“It was not a big thing, it just had a big impact on his legs.”

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