Man sentenced for Dunedin dog attack

  • 28/04/2016
Man sentenced for Dunedin dog attack

The owner of three Irish wolfhounds responsible for a ferocious attack on a woman in Dunedin in December has been sentenced.

Thomas O'Neill must pay $10,000 to the woman, who suffered serious injuries, and do 150 hours of community work.

The dogs set upon the woman as she was delivering newspapers, and have since been euthanised.

"The attack had a very significant effect on the victim. This distressing situation shows how important it is for owners to anticipate and respond to unexpected behaviour from their dogs," Dunedin City Council's Ros MacGill says.

"Dog owners need to be aware of the inherent risk associated with their animals, no matter what their breed, character or training."

The council says $2000 has already been paid to the victim, whose name and identity details have been suppressed.