Meth cook sentenced to 19 years' prison

  • 04/04/2016
Meth cook sentenced to 19 years' prison

An Auckland man who manufactured and supplied millions of dollars worth of methamphetamine will spend at least 10 years in jail.

Geoffrey Allen, 53, was sentenced to 19 years' jail and was ordered to serve a minimum period of 10 years after he was found guilty of cooking and supplying commercial quantities of methamphetamine between 2011 and 2014.

The Crown estimates around 2.9 kilograms of the drug was produced, while police recovered enough precursor when arresting him to make up to 5.1kg of the drug.

Prior drug offence convictions, along with the discovery of a firearm and precursor materials when he was arrested contributed to Justice Murray Gilbert imposing the sentence.

Three others involved in the commercial operation were also sentenced in the High Court at Auckland last month.

Dionne Potkins, Allen's partner, was sentenced to three years and eight months jail while Nagham Jawad was given two and a half years jail, and Dharmendra Kumar received one year's home detention for a variety of drug offences.