Opinion: Crisis? What crisis?


Government Minister Simon Bridges says Auckland is not facing a 'housing crisis'.

He's woefully out of touch.

Instead, Bridges prefers to call it a 'top tier issue', what ever than means -- I prefer to call his position 'bollocks'.

I have been focused on this issue since moving from Wellington to Auckland four years ago. I saw a massive supply and affordability problem.

What sells for $490,000 in Brisbane, sells for $1.1 million in West Auckland's new suburbs.

Government moves to slow the price rises have been pathetic.

Indeed they have stoked the fire by allowing record immigration levels.

The Government and Auckland Council are squarely to blame.

Developers have been allowed to land-bank and slowly release. The Council has been impotent in its approach to planning and the Government firmly believes in the market solving the issue. It's not working. It's called inaction.

Entry level in Auckland is now $600,000 plus.

You need a $120,000 deposit to enter the market.

There are 59 $1 million-plus suburbs in Auckland.

And below that there are dozens and dozens of suburbs with average prices of $900,000.

Normal, working people, are priced out or have become slaves to 40-year mortgages. They have mountains of debt.

Simon Bridges and his mates are asleep at the wheel. He showed he was out of touch yesterday.

He says it's a top tier issue. I say that's a meaningless side-step of the real issue.

It's slimy spin for crisis.