Queenstown to fine Wicked Campers

One of Wicked Campers' less offensive slogans (Getty)
One of Wicked Campers' less offensive slogans (Getty)

Wicked Campers could be in for a wicked surprise.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council will now be issuing $300 fines any time one of its vans is seen in public if it bears an "offensive slogan".

The company has recently been under fire for the lewd, sexually explicit and offensive slogans on its vehicles.

A $300 infringement will be issued when there's evidence of a sign-written camper that we believe is sexually explicit, lewd or otherwise offensive, the council confirmed. 

Family First, which launched a campaign in February to have offensive advertisements or messages removed from the company's vehicles, has welcomed the council's efforts.

"We'll be encouraging our supporters to watch out for and report offending signage on Wicked Campers," says national director Bob McCoskrie.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council outlaws indecent and offensive signs. The council says it gave Wicked Campers a chance to comply, but was ignored.

Wicked Campers vans' slogans include "if I want s**t from you I'll squeeze your head" and "save a whale -- harpoon a Jap", as well as a wide variety of homophobic and misogynist phrases.

The council is not the first to put pressure on the Australian rental company. According to National MP Shane Reti, Disney is "very angry" with Wicked Campers' use of their trademarks, as is Coca-Cola, whose logo is used in a reference to cocaine. Pepsi also issued a statement saying it was "furious".

Queenstown to fine Wicked Campers

A Nelson campground banned Wicked Campers from its site at the end of March. The Department of Conservation also removed the company from a list of rental operators on its website where travellers can purchase campsite passes.

Upper Harbour MP Paula Bennett and the chief censor are expected to unveil a plan to take on Wicked Campers later this month.

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